When to Make a Handmade Gift

Although it is considered logical and practical now to give handmade gifts, there are instances when it is not something that you should be doing. There are instances when it is allowed and there are times when it is considered in bad taste. Here are some of the rules when it comes to making handmade gifts.

1. Make sure that you know the person
Although most people right now are already having money problems, it does not mean that you can just give anything you want and expect them not to talk. Before you give a handmade gift, make sure that they are appropriate for the person that you are giving it to and it is something that they will appreciate. For instance, handmade gifts are often given to people that you know personally. They will be able to appreciate the effort more and handmade gifts are actually considered very personal. This is especially true with gifts that require some effort like a poem or a song. A card is also considered very personal.

2. Make sure that they can appreciate cheap gifts
Face it, not everybody will understand your gift as it is. If they are the kind of person who will scoff at cheap gifts, then giving them handmade gifts is a no-no because you will risk being laughed at. This is especially true with people who have always enjoyed the good life and therefore are used to getting expensive presents. Of course, this is not the same for all people but the lesson here is to choose who you give the handmade gift to.

3. Make sure that they are well-made
There is such a thing as a handmade gift and one that is haphazardly made. If you are making a handmade gift, the least that you can do is make it presentable. If for instance you are making a bracelet, make sure that the knots are cleanly done and the strings are not evident. When giving a card, make sure that everything is clean. There are no dirt. The cuts are straight and not crooked. There are no excess fabrics or threads. There are no paste marks where dirt and dust can adhere to.

4. Give it appropriately
Make sure that the occasion is appropriate and the person you are giving it to is the right one to give the handmade gift to. For instance, making a silk flower out of silk ribbons may be a good gift and fairly easy to do but if you are giving it to a man, ummÖ thatís a little bit, ok a lot, inappropriate. It is also considered tacky to give handmade gifts to strangers and to people that have a higher position than you. For these people, it is better to just buy one even if they are a bit cheap.

5. Crafts is not the only one you can give
There are a lot of handmade gifts that you can make and give to people. Do not get stuck with just craft and art projects. You can for instance, bake a cake or maybe a brownie. You can also crochet some kind of table runner. These gifts are less personal and therefore more appropriate to people you are not really that close to.

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